Vu Telepresence

Vu Telepresence: A New Tool For Business Communication

Vu Telepresence gives small businesses the ability to use HD video conferencing technology from their own locations, providing the opportunity for face-to-face meetings in real-time. At Expert Data Labs, we can provide your Pittsburgh company with this technology as a monthly service, so there’s no investment in equipment. Vu is an affordable way to transform the way you communicate.

Key advantages of video conferencing:

  1. Reduce the expenses and complications of business travel: With Vu Telepresence, you can get personal interactions without ever leaving your office
  2. Improve communication: With combined video and audio, your message will come across clearly every time
  3. Cut your commute and boost your flexibility: With your own video conferencing tools you can work remotely – and interact with others – anywhere in the world

With Vu, you can use video conferencing to showcase and demonstrate new products and services; host webinars and live video events online; connect with business partners worldwide; and reach out to prospects and customers. Vu Telepresence is:

  • Offered as a monthly service – no capital investment needed
  • Affordable and flexible, with multi-site options available
  • Easy to use, with a range of exclusive features

Vu Telepresence video conferencing will transform the way your Pittsburgh business communicates, improving your interactions with customers, distributors, business partners, and vendors while significantly reducing your travel expenses.

To learn more about Vu video conferencing, contact us now.